Over 174 million euros for interventions supporting people with disabilities in Sicily

The article discusses the funding allocated to support people with disabilities in Sicily. A total of over 174 million euros from the Non-self-sufficiency Fund has been approved by the Regional Government for the years 2019-2021 and 2022-2024. In 2020, 52.6 million euros will be used for services and interventions to help people with disabilities live independently. The Oasi Maria Santissima institute in Troina will receive 5 million euros for this purpose. In 2021, around 55 million euros will be allocated, with a portion going towards independent living interventions and support for people with disabilities. In 2022, a further 67.3 million euros will be available for projects and services to assist individuals with disabilities. The Oasi di Troina will continue to receive funding, along with support for adult and minor with severe disabilities.

Regione, oltre 174 milioni di euro per interventi a favore delle persone con disabilità in Sicilia

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