Over 100 streetlights reignited in Palermo in via Toselli-Marchese di Villabianca and piazza Ignazio Florio.

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Two major repair interventions completed and over one hundred lights reactivated. Amg Energia operators have carried out two maintenance activities in the area between Maggiore Toselli, Marchese di Villabianca, Cordova, Streva, and Ugdulena streets and in Ignazio Florio square-Principe di Granatelli street. In the area of via Toselli-Marchese di Villabianca, the company’s operators repaired a significant fault in one of the two circuits that power the lighting systems, which reappeared after a previous repair: these are now outdated systems, with known critical issues related to aging and therefore more exposed to faults. The systems, initially alternately lit after an initial buffer intervention, are now back in regular operation. Also in this area, two other maintenance interventions are being defined: on one of the two circuits powering the lighting systems in the area between via Imperatore Federico and via Sampolo (Imperatore Federico-Sampolo1 circuit) and on one of the lines powering the lighting in the area between via Ferri and via Cirrincione (Cirrincione-Ferri1 circuit). The repair of the fault on the lighting system in Ignazio Florio square has also been completed: here the intervention was completed with the reactivation of over 15 individual light fixtures that required specific interventions on components and equipment between the square and Principe di Granatelli street.
“The municipal administration works in full synergy with its subsidiary Amg Energia – emphasizes the councilor for Public Works, Salvatore Orlando – From ordinary maintenance to recently authorized extraordinary activities such as the relocation of poles discontinued due to public safety issues, a process aimed at improving the service offered to the city has started, also through the redevelopment of an important portion of systems that will soon be handed over to Amg.” “The recognition and enhancement of the company as the technical arm of the Municipality – adds the president of Amg Energia, Francesco Scoma – are fundamental elements of the growth and transformation process underway.”
Another maintenance intervention is ongoing in Boccadifalco, on the line powering the lighting of via San Martino. Amg Energia is also preparing, with the collaboration of the Coime workforce that will carry out the excavation works, the activities to replace a section of old cable in via Messina Marine at the height of via Diaz: over 80 lights will be reactivated in the area between Alagna, Pigafetta, and Funaioli streets.

Palermo, riaccesi oltre 100 punti luce nella zona di via Toselli-Marchese di Villabianca e in piazza Ignazio Florio

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