Only one student will take the final exams in Ustica.

In Ustica, only one student will take the Italian exam for the high school graduation tomorrow morning at 8:30. This is an exceptional event for the island and for the school world in general, with the presence of the director of the Regional School Office for Sicily Giuseppe Pierro. The only student on the island, Gaetano Caminita, will turn 19 on June 22 and has been attending school in Ustica since a young age. He is one of the 46,291 students from state high schools, technical and professional institutes (41,952) and private schools (4,340) who will take the first written exam of the State Exam tomorrow. Gaetano Caminita attended half of the 32 weekly hours at the Technical Institute with a focus on Tourism in Ustica as the only student in the class, while the other half was attended by eight other students in the fourth year. The Second Grade Comprehensive Institute Saveria Profeta was attended by a total of 110 students aged 3 to 18 during the 2023-2024 school year. Gaetano Caminita was one of the students of Ics Saveria Profeta who was featured in the film “Infinitely Small” by director Pasquale Scimeca, a film about loneliness and the natural boundaries faced by the local boys and girls during the long winter months on the island. The film premiered on February 15 at the Rouge et Noir cinema in Palermo and was the final product of a project that also involved students from the Giovanni Falcone National Boarding School in Palermo. The film was funded by a grant promoted by the Ministries of Culture and Education, focusing on the use of cinematographic and audiovisual language as a tool for education and training.

“The school is present in the most complex and remote territories of a region, because everyone should have access to education at any age. A quality education is essential to prepare young people and provide them with the necessary tools to face the world of work,” said Director Pierro.

A Ustica un solo studente sosterrà gli esami di maturità

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