Official accused of stalking by ex-Provincia di Agrigento employee; she denies allegations

The prosecutor’s office in Sciacca has concluded the investigations against sixty-one-year-old Maria Antonietta Testone (pictured on the left), a manager at the Municipal Consortium of Agrigento (the former Province). She had been reported multiple times to the judiciary by Maurizio Puccio, a 64-year-old disabled worker who was hierarchically subordinate to her, employed at the Sciacca branch of the Public Relations Office. The employee accused the manager of stalking and persecutory acts, which allegedly caused him severe acute anxiety and fear for his safety due to changes in his lifestyle habits. Among the issues that led the worker to seek legal action were Testone’s refusal to grant him smart working (despite his fragility), her opposition to his candidacy for union elections, and her denial of his request to reschedule his vacation to care for his wife who needed surgery. Recently, another employee of the Consortium also accused Testone of verbal aggression and threatening notes.

“I have not yet received any notification of the conclusion of the investigations,” replied Maria Antonietta Testone. “In any case, I reject all the accusations being made against me. For example, smart working cannot be considered applicable for someone whose job involves interacting with the public at a physical location. How could one engage with the public remotely?” Maria Antonietta Testone is also the regional coordinator of the “Azzurro Donna” movement of Forza Italia.

Indagata per stalking una dirigente dell’ex Provincia di Agrigento: un dipendente punta l’indice, lei nega le accuse

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