Noto, the artist Maria Cristina Finucci and the cry of the planet invaded by plastic

The activities of the Parco dell’anima in Noto, founded by Alessia Montani and Luigi Grasso with M’AMA.ART, are set to begin again on Friday, June 30. The park aims to become the world’s bank of ancient seeds and a center for dialogue between contemporary artists and ancient cultures. It invites artists who focus on sustainability and the balance between humans and nature to contribute to the project. Artist Maria Cristina Finucci, known for founding the Garbage Patch State at UNESCO in 2013, will present her work on environmental protection and awareness at the park. The park will also feature installations by other artists throughout the summer. The project is a collaboration between M’AMA.ART, Avasim-Mamaseeds, and the Parco dell’Anima.