“Nonna Vincenza’s Sweets”: Paolo Pistone, owner of La Pas, arrested and seized in Catania

Paolo Pistone, the sole administrator of Pas Srl, a company that produces and sells baked goods, has been placed under house arrest. He is being investigated for the crime of fraudulent bankruptcy. The investigation, conducted by the financial police in Catania, focused on Pas Srl, which was declared bankrupt in April 2022. Pistone is accused of causing the company’s collapse through fraudulent operations. He allegedly transferred assets and funds to a new company, Dulcedo Srl, which was actually controlled by Pistone’s family. The bankruptcy and subsequent actions resulted in a debt of approximately €6.2 million. This is not the first legal action against Pistone, as he was previously subject to a preventive seizure for more than half a million euros for alleged non-payment of social security contributions in 2016.

«I dolci di Nonna Vincenza»: a Catania arresto e sequestro per Paolo Pistone, titolare della Pas

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