Niscemi 21-year-old arrested for drug dealing

A 21-year-old boy was arrested in Niscemi for drug trafficking. The carabinieri caught him in the act of illegally possessing narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. After following two known drug users, the officers saw the young man about to deliver two packets of cocaine. He was then stopped and a search of his person and home revealed 30 grams of cocaine, 120 grams of hashish, a scale, and various materials for packaging drugs. Approximately 250 euros in the boy’s possession, believed to be proceeds from drug trafficking, were seized. The seized materials were confiscated and the suspect was taken to prison in Gela, at the request of the judicial authorities. The Gela court then validated the arrest and placed the suspect under house arrest.

Niscemi, ventunenne arrestato per spaccio di droga

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