Nino Frassica’s wife investigated for stalking after disappearance of cat in Spoleto

The disappearance of Hiro, Nino Frassica’s cat, has led to legal action against Frassica’s wife and daughter for stalking and defamation. The case was opened following a complaint from neighbors who were accused by Frassica’s wife of scaring the cat away. Another family is also involved, accused of kidnapping the feline. Despite efforts including offering a reward, the cat has not been found. Frassica and his family hope for Hiro’s return, believing he was kidnapped. The legal battle adds a new chapter to the story, which has been followed closely on social media by Frassica since the cat’s disappearance.

Il gatto scomparso a Spoleto, la moglie di Nino Frassica indagata per stalking

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