Nine municipalities in Nisseno without water due to a failure

Siciliacque announced this morning that due to a malfunction, it had to interrupt the supply to the municipalities served by the Fanaco aqueduct. As a result, Caltaqua-Acque di Caltanissetta SpA, the integrated water service provider for the province of Caltanissetta, had to suspend the scheduled distribution to the users of the municipalities of Acquaviva Platani, Mussomeli, Campofranco, Sutera, Milena, Montedoro, Bompensiere, Delia, and Sommatino today. Caltaqua will promptly provide any useful updates as they become available. This is what is stated in a note, with a photo of the Fanaco reservoir.

Nove Comuni del Nisseno senz’acqua per un guasto

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