Nightlife in Palermo plagued by fights and gunshots, Confcommercio says they’ve been ignored for a year.

For over a year, Confcommercio has been denouncing the widespread illegality and episodes of urban warfare, with specific requests for help and concern coming from the observatory of public businesses and nightclubs. However, their alarms have been largely ignored. Patrizia Di Dio, president of Confcommercio Palermo and national vice president with responsibility for legality and security, speaks out about the recent serious incidents in the city center. She highlights how they have been reassured during public order meetings at the prefecture that everything was under control, only to see innocent business owners punished after violent attacks on nightclubs. Despite reiterating their concerns to the newly appointed leaders at the prefecture and police headquarters, they are still waiting for results.

Risse e spari nella movida a Palermo, Confcommercio: «Lo diciamo da un anno, noi ignorati»

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