New woman emerges in Messina Denaro’s life, unaware of his true identity

A new woman has emerged in the life of Matteo Messina Denaro, a woman from Trapani who reportedly spent time with the mafia boss during his recent period in hiding. This is just one of many female presences in the life of the boss of Castelvetrano, who despite living in hiding, continued to have numerous acquaintances.

This information comes from the latest investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, which yesterday led to the arrest of three accomplices of the mafia boss: architect Massimo Gentile, radiology technician Cosimo Leone, and worker Leonardo Gulotta.

The woman, who voluntarily presented herself to the carabinieri last July and provided important investigative information, revealed that she had met the mafia boss in 2015 but was unaware of his true identity. They continued to see each other in the following years. The witness confirmed that Messina Denaro rode around on a white enduro motorcycle, believed to be the BMW purchased for the boss by Gentile in 2007.

In the cellphone seized on the day of the mafia boss’s capture, 33 phone contacts were found by the carabinieri with the woman’s phone number, all occurring in the last period of his hiding.

Spunta una nuova donna nella vita di Messina Denaro, ma lei sconosceva la vera identità del padrino

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