New rules for private tankers in Sciacca due to drought

The distribution of water through tankers managed by private companies must always be under the control of the managing authority, which is the only one authorized to guarantee the origin and safety of the water resource. This was stated by the prefect of Agrigento Filippo Romano, who intervened personally to regulate the operation of the substitute supply service in the municipality of Sciacca. Private companies operating in the water transport sector had protested against the new supply and distribution methods. Despite the rationing imposed by the state of emergency declared by the president of the Sicilian Region, several critical issues have emerged in Sciacca, especially for buildings not connected to the public water network. However, following the prefect’s intervention, the owners of various buildings that were not previously connected to the public network have requested connections. The prefect understands that this is generating unforeseen costs, especially during the current summer period, and is taking into account the situation of isolated buildings that cannot be connected to the water network. It is important to remember that the water service is integrated, and citizens are required to bear the necessary costs for both clean and contaminated water. Connecting to the water network is cheaper than using tankers for water supply. Tankers will still be used to address difficulties in supply or lack of resources. The substitute service through private tankers in Sciacca is still in the stabilization phase. The mayor of Sciacca, Fabio Termine, has asked for a dedicated phone number for the citizens of his municipality.

Siccità, nuove regole per le autobotti private a Sciacca

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