New Prefect Mariani: “I am going to Palermo with great enthusiasm”

Massimo Mariani, the new prefect of Palermo, is enthusiastic and aware of the important challenge ahead. After four and a half years in Reggio Calabria, he is honored to take on the new role and expresses gratitude to the government and Minister Piantedosi for their trust. In his previous position, he focused on handling the pandemic and immigration, emphasizing the collaboration with local administrations. Mariani also discusses the fight against ‘ndrangheta, noting positive signs and the establishment of an anti-extortion association. He also expresses gratitude to Nicola Gratteri, the public prosecutor of Naples, and reflects on his years of service in the Calabria region. As he leaves Calabria, Mariani wishes for the region to overcome economic difficulties and organized crime and believes in its potential for change.

Il nuovo prefetto Mariani: «Vado a Palermo con grande entusiasmo»

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