New interregional labor council formed between Cgil, Cisl, Uil Sicilia, and Maltese labor organizations

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“Seeking synergies and forms of cooperation with a European dimension.” This is the goal of Cgil, Cisl, and Uil Sicily and Gwu, the trade union organization of Malta, who together have established the interregional trade union council. The two islands include a significant number of cross-border workers. In Europe, there are about 1.6 million of these workers, with over ten thousand residing in the Sicilian provinces. This has allowed Malta and Sicily to “benefit from skills often not present in their territories and unlock employment opportunities that have so far produced economic development and socio-cultural exchanges, consolidating relations in a context of positive renewal between European states.”

Now, the goal of the Csir Sicily-Malta is to “achieve equality of conditions between female and male workers without any discrimination in terms of salaries, professions, or social protections.”

Signing the statute were Gabriella Messina, Giuseppe Scifo, and Aldo Mattisi from Cgil Sicily, Rosanna Laplaca from Cisl Sicily, and Giovanni D’Avola from Uil Sicily, together with national cross-border representatives Giuseppe Augurusa, Marco Contessa, and Raimondo Pancrazio. Representing Gwu were Riccardo Travaglini and Jurgen Azzopardi.

Accordo tra Cgil Cisl e Uil Sicilia e l’organizzazione dei lavoratori di Malta: nasce il consiglio sindacale interregionale

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