New intensive care unit building at Siracusa Hospital.

The new intensive care unit in the former commissariat building in the emergency area of Umberto I hospital in Siracusa is now operational. The reanimation department, led by Francesco Oliveri, has started functioning in the new location, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, radiology, and CT scan machines also available for external users. The activation of the reanimation unit will allow the transfer of the emergency department back to its original location in the first week of July, which has been renovated and expanded with the intensive care unit facilities. As a result, the oncology department will also be able to return from Avola to Siracusa.
The Director General of the Asp of Siracusa, Alessandro Caltagirone, announced: “It took a few more months than expected to activate the new building, considering the delicacy of the Reanimation department and the desire to deliver cutting-edge environments to citizens, equipped even with a radiology area with state-of-the-art CT equipment, used for both inpatients and external users, allowing further reduction of waiting times.”
“The new Reanimation unit,” explains the department director Francesco Oliveri, “is built on two levels and has 18 beds divided into four large hospitalization areas, with 4 beds each plus two single isolation boxes. This organization will allow optimal control of care-related infections. There is an entrance and exit filtering area for the dressing/undressing of healthcare personnel, and a control room that allows simultaneous monitoring of all hospitalized patients with cameras, ensuring a high level of security. All beds are equipped with multiparametric monitors, state-of-the-art ventilators, and equipment for critical patient care such as monitors for advanced invasive hemodynamic and neurological monitoring, ultrasounds, devices for dialysis and non-invasive ventilation therapy, infusion pumps. Each bed is equipped with a medical PC for managing the electronic medical record.”

All’ospedale di Siracusa nuova palazzina per la Terapia intensiva

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