New gas risk in Vulcano: the area of the mud puddle that had just been released is now off limits

The INGV and the regional Civil Protection department, following controls, have confirmed “an increase in concentrations of volcanic gases in the crater area of the Fossa and in the areas of Camping Sicilia and Rimessa.” This was discussed in a meeting on volcanic gases attended by national and regional Civil Protection departments, representatives of the prefecture of Messina, the INGV, ARPA, the Department of Prevention of the ASP, and the Department for Health Activities and Observatory of Palermo. The adoption of specific regulations for the Pozza dei Fanghi, recently returned to the owners after being seized by the judicial authorities, was also discussed, with the mayor Riccardo Gullo required to take actions to mitigate the risk associated with the emission of volcanic gases. The mayor immediately issued an ordinance to prohibit access to the mentioned areas and only allow access to authorized personnel for monitoring and control activities. The ordinance also applies to Stromboli, with access restrictions and requirements for guided visits. Violators will be fined €500.

Vulcano, nuovo rischio gas: interdetta l’area della pozza dei fanghi che era stata appena dissequestrata

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