National prize to Gela high school for translating Albachiara into Latin: Vasco Rossi’s congratulations

The classic high school Eschilo in Gela has been awarded a national prize for translating the song Albachiara into Latin, receiving praise from Vasco Rossi himself. The rock star from Zocca, followed by over four million followers on Facebook, shared a post congratulating the students and teachers who met him during his two concerts in Palermo. The school in Gela won the national Portopalo PiĆ¹ a Sud di Tunisi award for translating Albachiara into Latin, receiving recognition in the School and Culture category. The Latin and Greek teachers, Lella Oresti and Concetta Massaro, were responsible for the translation, while student Angelo Bongiovanni performed the song accompanied by Simone Scerra on the piano. The initiative of the Eschilo high school in Gela was greatly appreciated by Vasco Rossi, who expressed his happiness in contributing to fostering a love for Latin among young students. He personally thanked Professor Oresti for the emotional encounter before their concert at the Barbera Stadium.

Premio nazionale al liceo di Gela che ha tradotto Albachiara in latino: i complimenti di Vasco Rossi

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