Nas inspections in Catania find cockroaches in kitchens and storages of a trattoria

The Carabinieri’s Nas division in Catania has seized eight tons of food and imposed administrative fines amounting to over 9,000 euros. Among the seized items were 20 kilograms of fish products of uncertain origin, for which no food chain documentation was found. These were discovered in freezer-fridges installed in a garage in front of a restaurant in the city center. Seven restaurant owners and a gelato shop owner have been reported to the relevant health and administrative authorities for violations in the food and beverage sector. During the inspections, ten food establishments were checked, including a trattoria with kitchens and storage areas infested with cockroaches and in poor sanitary conditions. Another seizure was made against a waterfront restaurant owner who used an unauthorized and unhygienic adjacent space for food storage. Two other restaurant owners and a gelato shop were reported for minor violations, specifically for failing to install appropriate systems to combat insects and other harmful animals. In one case, an administrative fine was also imposed for lacking authorization for fume emissions into the atmosphere.

Controlli dei Nas a Catania: anche le blatte nelle cucine e nei depositi di una trattoria

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