Motorcyclist dies in collision with truck on highway to Caltagirone in Catania

Fatal accident on state highway 417 “Di Caltagirone”, where a collision between a motorcycle and a truck occurred. The impact was very violent and the man driving the motorcycle died. His details have not yet been released. The crash happened at kilometer 66.800, in the Catania area, and it was necessary to close the road in both directions. When the alarm was raised, the emergency services arrived on the scene, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do for the motorcyclist. The police are also on site to carry out investigations and reconstruct the dynamics of the collision. There are heavy traffic delays, and Anas reports that they are on site to manage traffic and allow for the swift restoration of normal vehicle circulation.

Catania, motociclista muore in uno scontro con un camion sulla statale per Caltagirone

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