Morbid curiosity on social media: Messina Denaro’s fake Instagram profile now has over a thousand followers.

After the revelation of the name used by boss Matteo Messina Denaro on social networks, hundreds are now following him on Instagram. The boss of Castelvetrano – arrested on January 16, 2023 after thirty years of being on the run and dead on September 25 – was registered under the false name of “F.Averna” and presented himself with a profile in which he had not posted anything. Only visible were the profile picture of a little dog with a blue bandana and the word “doctor” under the name “Francesco Averna 17”. The followers have increased in recent days. The boss followed 443 profiles and was followed by 71 people. In the last days, the account reached 1,179 followers.

La morbosa curiosità sui social: il falso profilo Instagram di Messina Denaro ora ha più di mille follower

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