Monthly interest rates of 112% and threats towards non-payers result in an arrest in Agrigento.

The police have arrested a 45-year-old man from Canicattì, identified only by the initials C.G., for loan sharking and extortion. The arrest was made based on an order issued by the judge for preliminary investigations at the Agrigento court. It was found that since December 2022, the suspect had been lending money to people and demanding repayment with exorbitant interest rates, amounting to approximately 112% per month. The victims were reportedly intimidated and manipulated to the point where one of them had their ATM card stolen by the suspect, who then made large withdrawals. The suspect is now under house arrest, awaiting the installation of an electronic monitoring bracelet. The investigation was carried out by the Mobile Squad, led by Deputy Chief Giovanni Minardi, under the coordination of Acting Prosecutor Salvatore Vella. Despite an atmosphere of fear and silence, investigators were able to gather multiple evidences and persuade the victims to come forward and report the crimes.