Monreale remembers Captain Basile, murdered by the mafia 44 years ago

Monreale commemorates the carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile, killed by Cosa Nostra on May 4, 1980. During that night, a day of celebration in Monreale for the feast of the Holy Crucifix, Captain Basile, while returning to the barracks with his wife Silvana and daughter Barbara in his arms after the city’s celebrations, was killed by three mafia hitmen.

Today (May 4), a commemorative ceremony was held at the Carabinieri Group headquarters in Monreale, in the presence of the Commander of the Carabinieri Legion of Sicily, Giuseppe Spina, the Provincial Commander, Luciano Magrini, and a representation of the staff, with the laying of a wreath at the bust dedicated to the fallen.

At 11 am, on Corso Pietro Novelli, the site of the massacre, in the presence of family members, civil and military authorities, the prefect of Palermo Massimo Mariani, and the mayor Alberto Arcidiacono, a laurel wreath was placed in front of the commemorative plaque depicting Captain Basile’s face.

During his speech, Spina defined Basile as a victim of a vile and ferocious mafia ambush and a servant of the state who had opposed Cosa Nostra by risking his life, and quoting judge Paolo Borsellino who said, “Captain Emanuele Basile died for what he did and for what he still had to do,” he also emphasized that remembering Basile also means renewing his commitment, reiterating his courage and determination.

Monreale ricorda il capitano Basile, ucciso dalla mafia 44 anni fa

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