Monreale mourns Rosa Maria De Marchis, post office director: “A sunny woman and hard worker”

Community in tears in Monreale for Rosa Maria De Marchis, director of the post office in the central Piazza Guglielmo. She passed away at the age of sixty after battling a illness until the end. She leaves behind a husband and three children. Known by everyone in the Norman town, De Marchias is remembered for her great availability and friendliness.

At work, she was a true reference point, highly esteemed and appreciated by colleagues, who are now mourning. She had been leading the post office for many years and those who knew her describe her as a great professional, attentive and thorough. The news has plunged everyone into dismay and in the last few hours, dozens of condolence messages have been shared on social media: “Rosa Maria – writes Marcella – you will always remain in our hearts, even though we are truly incredulous. Your smile and will to live had made us hope for the best, but it was not meant to be. You were a sunny woman and a great worker. From up there, protect your family.”

Antonietta writes: “What a huge regret, I had met her at the post office to solve a problem. I was really struck by her availability and kindness, a rare person. May the earth be light on you.” And also: “News we never wanted to receive. Monreale is crying for you today, dear Rosa Maria. Here you had endeared yourself to anyone who crossed your path, a great loss. You leave an indelible memory.” Tomorrow, June 8, will be the day of farewell. The funeral will be held at 9:30 in the church of Sant’Ernesto in Palermo.

Monreale piange Rosa Maria De Marchis, direttrice dell’ufficio postale: «Una donna solare e grande lavoratrice»

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