Monreale, Archdeacon wins convincingly even without FdI

In Monreale, a town of 39 thousand inhabitants near Palermo with the Cathedral that attracts 300 thousand tourists a year, the incumbent mayor Alberto Arcidiacono has been re-elected, overwhelming his competitors with over 83% of the preferences. He was supported by the political group linked to regional deputy Marco Intravaia, the outgoing president of the municipal council, who had left Brothers of Italy to support Arcidiacono. Intravaia, son of the carabiniere Domenico killed in the Nassiriya massacre, is considering joining a “moderate and liberal party” with his group of administrators.

The article also mentions the candidate for mayor supported by Brothers of Italy, Natale Macaluso, who received only 4.2% of the votes. The re-elected mayor, Arcidiacono, notes that despite the departure of Intravaia, most of the former Brothers of Italy members stayed with them. The regional coordinator of Brothers of Italy, Giampiero Cannella, expresses disappointment at Intravaia’s decision to leave the party and run independently, and wishes him and the re-elected mayor well.

Monreale, Arcidiacono stravince anche senza FdI

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