Monreale animal rights activist saves dog tied under the sun, owner assaulted with a chain

Piero Faraci, an animal rights activist, reported to the police that he was attacked and beaten with a chain in Monreale after requesting the release of a dog that was tied to a railing with a short rope and left under the scorching sun. He was rescued by paramedics and taken to the hospital for treatment. Faraci had received complaints about the dog and decided to visit the historic center of Monreale to assess the situation. He documented the poor conditions of the animal with pictures and asked the owner to use a longer rope so that it could find shade. However, the owner responded by attacking Faraci with a chain. The intervention of some relatives of the aggressor prevented further harm. The police are currently investigating the incident to verify the activist’s account of what happened.

Monreale, animalista in soccorso di un cane legato al sole: il proprietario lo colpisce con una catena

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