Molotov attack on Leonardo headquarters in Palermo, separatist arrested: two others investigated

The police carried out three precautionary measures, one in prison and two of obligatory presentation to the judicial police, against members of the Antudo independence movement who allegedly threw Molotov cocktails inside the Palermo headquarters of Leonardo Spa on November 26, 2022 during a demonstration. The investigations were carried out by the anti-terrorism section of the Palermo Digos and the central police headquarters for prevention, coordinated by the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office. The arrest was made for S.L., a 42-year-old Palermo firefighter, considered a prominent member of the Antudo movement, accused of “causing a fire using incendiary devices, equated with weapons of war” in a public place. The obligation to present to the Public Prosecutor’s Office was served on G.D., born in Messina, 27 years old accused of incitement through the dissemination of the video claiming responsibility for the Molotov cocktail attack, and O.M., born in Palermo, 32 years old, investigated for complicity in the arson offense. They too are members of the antagonistic area and the “Antudo” independence movement.

Molotov contro la sede Leonardo di Palermo, arrestato indipendentista: altri due indagati

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