Minibus stolen from Sicilian medullolesi association found in Carini

Thanks to a report made to the Carini Carabinieri company, the van belonging to the Sicilian Association of spinal medullolesi was found in via Ferdinando Magellano, stolen on Thursday night in Palermo. “Probably the great media coverage received on the numerous newspapers that reported the news of the theft and the investigative activities of the police forces, will have induced someone to report the presence of the vehicle on a lightly trafficked street in the municipality of Carini,” says Giovanni Rotino, president of the association. “Unfortunately, to the joy of finding the vehicle, we also had to add the dismay of realizing that the van has some damages that we still need to quantify. Hopefully, soon, the vehicle will be operational again to ensure the important service for our users. I reiterate my request for help to the institutions – concludes Rotino – to safeguard our vehicles from possible new thefts.”

“We express great satisfaction – declare Toti Amato, president of the Palermo Medical Order and Antonio Iacono, councilor of the Omceo of Palermo, director of the Trauma Center of Villa Sofia, as well as scientific manager of the rehabilitation project – for the recovery of the van that provides a service of vital importance for the disabled living in Palermo. A good news, especially for the vulnerable subjects who need greater attention from everyone.”

Ritrovato a Carini il pulmino rubato all’Associazione siciliana medullolesi

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