Milazzo discovers he has failed and attacks teacher with punches and headbutt

Violence at school in Milazzo. A young man, after finding out he had failed a class, attacked a math teacher with punches and a headbutt. It happened yesterday afternoon at the Da Vinci institute.

According to the reconstruction, the teacher, after the exams, had summoned the boy’s parents to school to inform them of the failure. When the couple left, the young man showed up at school and reportedly reached the math teacher, striking him with a headbutt and a punch. The man, who did not expect the reaction, fell to the ground, injured.

The principal, Stefania Scolaro, immediately alerted the emergency services and an ambulance from 118 and the police arrived on the scene. The medical staff treated the man and then transported him to the hospital emergency room for further examinations. The police officers conducted interrogations to understand what had happened and to identify the young attacker.

Milazzo, apprende di essere stato bocciato e aggredisce il professore con pugni e una testata

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