Migrants face double tragedy: over 70 dead or missing

Explaination: The article describes two tragic events involving migrant boats in the Mediterranean Sea. In the first incident, a sailboat capsized with 66 passengers, including 26 children, believed to be missing. Another boat in distress off the coast of Lampedusa resulted in the deaths of 10 people. These tragedies occurred shortly after the G7 summit which aimed to address migrant trafficking. Various organizations have reported over 800 deaths and missing migrants in the central Mediterranean this year and have called for increased rescue efforts. The article also mentions the efforts of rescue teams and the emotional toll on survivors. Criticism is directed towards the Italian government and the EU for their handling of the migrant crisis, with calls for better search and rescue operations at sea. Political figures and humanitarian organizations express shock and sorrow over the tragic events. The article concludes by mentioning the arrangements for burying the deceased migrants and the ongoing investigation by local authorities.

Migranti, doppia tragedia: oltre 70 tra morti e dispersi

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