Messina, scomparsa tragica in mare: morto a 22 anni Abdoulay

Abdoulay Fane had left his family in Ivory Coast hoping for a better life. Far away from his loved ones, he had left his past behind and arrived in Sicily, where he had new friends and a whole life ahead of him. However, Abdoulay’s dreams were extinguished at the age of 22, swallowed by the sea. Despite rescue efforts and hours of searching in Messina, just a few meters from the Ringo beach, he couldn’t be saved from the waves. Abdoulay was a young Ivorian man found lifeless by divers who had combed through a vast area on Tuesday morning. He had been in Messina for about a month and was staying in a reception center. One afternoon in late August, he and his peers decided to go for a swim. They dived in, but he never returned. Panic and fear ensued, and the firefighters thoroughly searched the area in front of Viale della Libertà with a sophisticated tool that allows underwater observation until the Paradiso zone. The search continued even into the evening, although the worst was feared by then. Abdoulay’s friends never left the shore. Until the end, in tears, they believed they could embrace him again, just thinking it was a horrible adventure. The staff from the center also waited on the beach for good news that never came. Beachgoers, after the tragedy, blamed the lack of assistance on that beach. “We have been asking for lifeguards for a long time,” they say. “This area is very popular. Did someone have to die for action to be taken? We are truly saddened by this young man’s death. We witnessed the anguish of his friends and of what had become his new family. A terrible day for everyone.”

Messina, sparito tra le onde dopo un tuffo: così è morto a 22 anni Abdoulay

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