Messina: l’autista di un pullman sposta le barriere per cambiar percorso.

After the truck driver incident captured on camera two weeks ago, now it’s the turn of a bus driver to move the safety barriers on the highway in Messina, in order to switch lanes. This happened at the Giostra junction, where the act had already been caught on camera before. The Sicilian Motorway Consortium once again shares the video on social media, exposing these rule-breakers. “From surveillance cameras, we continue to observe some drivers moving the traffic dividers along the Giostra junction in Messina, ‘simplifying’ their route. This is a serious violation that could have had much graver consequences. The video will be sent to the authorities,” it reads. In the footage, the bus driver, with passengers on board, gets off the vehicle and moves the plastic barriers onto the highway to create a shortcut, but he is even preceded by a car driver who seizes the opportunity.

Messina, ci risiamo: l’autista di un pullman sposta le barriere autostradali per cambiare percorso

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