Messina Incident: Motorbike Falls Near Tram Tracks, Patient Hospitalized

There was an incident this morning around 8 am on Viale della Libertà in Messina. A young man, riding a large motorcycle, lost control of his vehicle near the docks and crashed onto the curb separating the road from the tram tracks. Witnessing motorists immediately called for help. An ambulance arrived on the scene and provided initial care for the injured motorcyclist. He was then transported to Piemonte Hospital for further examination. Early reports indicate that he suffered abrasions and some fractures but is not in life-threatening condition. Municipal police arrived and conducted an investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident, whether it was a collision with other vehicles or an obstruction by cars, or if it was simply an accidental fall. The incident caused heavy traffic on Viale della Libertà, making it difficult for buses to pass through.

Incidente a Messina: cade con la moto vicino ai binari del tram, trasportato in ospedale

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