Messina, fraud on building bonuses: six precautionary measures, 37 million euros seized

The finance police of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza in Messina, as part of extensive investigations into tax fraud in relation to tax credits introduced in 2020 through economic support measures contained in the so-called “Recovery Decree,” are executing a custody order issued by the judge of the Messina Court upon request from the local Public Prosecutor’s Office against 6 individuals, deemed responsible for a criminal association dedicated to fraudulently obtaining public funding, improper tax offsets, and money laundering.

The suspects were taking advantage of tax benefits introduced by the 2020 Recovery Decree and subsequent integrations. It all started with a citizen’s report informed by a revenue agency official of the insertion of 1.3 million euros in tax credits in their tax drawer, related to renovation works that were never carried out. Through initial investigations, the finance police discovered tax breaks related to the 110% Superbonus being transferred to a company via the Revenue Agency’s credit transfer platform, with the purpose of leasing real estate, which was later found to be without personnel or structure.

Bank checks and searches allowed for the identification of additional credits, inputted into the systems by a single individual and transferred by private individuals to the same Messina-based companies linked to members of the same family. The operation revolved around a primary care physician in Messina who, taking advantage of the trust relationship with his patients, presented them with the opportunity to obtain state contributions for the “Ecobonus” and “Superbonus” to renovate their own properties.

He would then urge the patients to provide him with their SPID credentials in order to access their tax drawer remotely. The fictitious credits created in this manner would then be transferred to other individuals, including four companies belonging to the doctor and his relatives, in order to be monetized, i.e. offset against real debts.

Messina, truffa sui bonus edilizi: sei misure cautelari, sequestrati 37 milioni di euro

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