Messina Denaro: the capture and the many secrets of the boss revealed in a book by Palazzolo and de Lucia

Matteo Messina Denaro, the convicted boss responsible for the bombings of ’92 and ’93, the kidnapping and killing of young Di Matteo, and the murder of prison officer Montalto, remains defiant even while imprisoned. During interrogations, he agreed to answer questions but did so on his own terms, challenging those in front of him. A new book, titled “La cattura” (The Capture), written by prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia and journalist Salvo Palazzolo, intertwines current events with Messina Denaro’s history and offers insight into today’s mafia. The book reveals that Messina Denaro regarded infiltrating the world of contracts as strategic for his leadership, as it provided connections to politics and opportunities for wealth accumulation. The circumstances surrounding Messina Denaro’s arrest were tumultuous, with several unsuccessful attempts before finally succeeding. The arrest on January 16th marked the end of 30 years on the run. The book delves into the complexities of the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri, with a significant breakthrough occurring when a diary belonging to the fugitive was discovered hidden in a chair. The story highlights the importance of continuing the fight against the mafia and not underestimating the secrets Messina Denaro possesses, especially considering the delicate moment the country is experiencing with the arrival of funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which must be protected from criminal infiltration.

Messina Denaro, la cattura e i tanti segreti del boss: i retroscena in un libro di Palazzolo e de Lucia

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