Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea landfill still burning: soil placed on waste to smother flames

The Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea landfill, in the province of Messina, continues to burn since yesterday afternoon. Firefighting operations have been ongoing all night, but attempts to create a firebreak zone using mechanical shovels and bulldozers have been deemed too dangerous. The flames are currently being fought with water and foam jets reaching 70 meters, thanks to two vehicles that arrived overnight, one belonging to the fire department and the other from the Milazzo refinery. The mayor explains that earth is also being thrown on the waste to smother the flames while waiting for firefighting aircraft to return. Yesterday, the wind was blowing smoke downhill towards the town, but today there is no wind. The Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA) has placed a monitor to assess air quality in the nearby municipality of Terme Vigliatore, where the smoke was heading. The mayor believes there were at least two ignition points, one near the Mazzarrà stream and the other upstream from the landfill, indicating a deliberate nature of the fire.

La discarica di Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea continua a bruciare: terra sui rifiuti abbancati per soffocare le fiamme

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