Mayor of Piana degli Albanesi supports CGIL referendum against jobs act

The president of the Five Star Movement Giuseppe Conte will sign the Cgil referendum against the Jobs Act. He made the announcement in Piana degli Albanesi, where he is participating in a commemoration of the victims of the Portella della Ginestra massacre. “I will do it today – he explained – if there is a booth for collecting signatures.”

Conte is in Sicily with the Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein for the event organized by Cgil at Portella della Ginestra, the plateau where the massacre of farmers and laborers took place on May 1, 1947. Schlein and Conte arrived slightly late at Palermo airport, having traveled on the same flight from Rome.

In front of the Casa del Popolo in Piana degli Albanesi, where the procession to Portella della Ginestra started, Conte was greeted by a Law student from the Democratic Party, Chiara, who invited the former prime minister to form an “alliance to defeat the right-wing.” Conte replied that he intends to pursue the project.

Also present at Portella is Leoluca Orlando, former mayor of Palermo and candidate for the European elections with Avs: “May Day at Portella della Ginestra – he writes on X -. To denounce an eversive massacre that has remained unpunished and the daily massacre of victims in the workplace. Sasso Barbato is a national monument for work, truth, justice, fundamental rights undermined by a constitutionally eversive right-wing.”

Conte a Piana degli Albanesi: «Firmo subito il referendum della Cgil contro il jobs act»

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