Mayor of Cammarata seizes well to provide water for animals

The mayor of Cammarata, Giuseppe Mangiapane, claims to be the only administrator to have requisitioned a well of non-potable water, which in ten days provided over a million liters to farmers to water their animals through a supply point in Borgo Callea. Mangiapane has written to the Region and competent authorities, highlighting the serious crisis in the livestock sector that cannot be solved with a temporary measure and is not sustainable in the long term. He is calling for the intervention of the Civil Protection and the army to effectively address the emergency in the livestock sector.

The mayor also disputes claims made by engineer Giuseppe Riccobene regarding water management issues between Cammarata and the neighboring municipality of San Giovanni Gemini. Mangiapane emphasizes that his city used to receive water every two days before the crisis, now it is every three days for two hours. San Giovanni Gemini, on the other hand, receives water two days a week for four hours.

Mangiapane mentions that in November they had to purchase water from Siciliacque due to the exhaustion of one of their two sources, San Michele. While he denies that there is an excess of water in his municipality, Riccobene points out disparities in water distribution in neighboring municipalities in the Agrigento region due to the managed safeguarded system.

The autonomous management system concerns seven municipalities in Agrigento, two in Catania, and a couple dozen in Palermo. There are no similar systems in other provinces.

Il sindaco di Cammarata requisisce un pozzo per dare da bere agli animali

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