Mayor Forgione expresses frustration over reduction of hydrofoils from Trapani to Egadi

Caronte & Tourist has decided to cut the afternoon ferry service that connects Trapani to Favignana. The decision has been strongly opposed by the municipal administration of Favignana, with Mayor Francesco Forgione expressing concern and indignation. He describes the decision as “serious and unacceptable,” and highlights the logistical problems it will cause for the island’s residents. The mayor calls for immediate intervention from the regional government and demands answers from the ferry company. This decision comes after a turbulent summer for ferry connections to the minor islands in Sicily, and it comes at a time when the tourist flow to the Egadi archipelago is increasing ahead of the holiday season. The mayor emphasizes that the decision is negatively impacting the islands and the rights of the residents, and urges the regional government to step in.

Meno aliscafi da Trapani alle Egadi, l’ira del sindaco Forgione: «Inaccettabile»

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