Maxi-seizure of counterfeit toys and products in Caltanissetta.

The provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza in Caltanissetta continues its commitment to prevent and combat illegal activities and the sale of potentially dangerous products. They have intensified their control measures during the summer period. Following recent seizures in Gela, they have identified around 5000 unsafe products, including personal care items, household products, and toys with no necessary safety requirements or origin information. These products have been confiscated due to their lack of instructions and warnings for use, as well as minimum safety, quality, composition, and origin information for consumers. The violators have been fined up to 25,000 euros per inspected commercial establishment. These operations, conducted in coordination with the local police, demonstrate the constant effort to combat the distribution of non-compliant and unsafe products, ensuring consumer protection and a fair competitive market for honest businesses.

Maxi-sequestro di giocattoli e prodotti contraffatti a Caltanissetta

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