Maurizio Croce suspended from Forza Italia, Caruso: “Party transparent and committed to legality”

The regional coordinator of Forza Italia in Sicily, Marcello Caruso, has suspended Maurizio Croce from the party, who is involved in an investigation on public contracts in Messina and placed under house arrest. Caruso states, “I am absolutely confident in and respectful of the work carried out by the judiciary, which is only at the beginning of its process – as I hope that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible and that the councilor Croce can clarify his position.” Caruso concludes, “To confirm our constant commitment to transparency and legality, and at the same time to emphasize Forza Italia’s clear and unequivocal position in demanding that clarity be obtained quickly, we have decided to suspend councilor Croce from the party and from any position.”

Maurizio Croce sospeso da Forza Italia, Caruso: «Partito trasparente e impegnato per la legalità»

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