Massimo Valentino becomes new principal at Zen in Palermo: “School should be a friendly place for everyone”

Massimo Valentino has taken on the role of principal at Falcone School in Palermo, Italy. As the school gained attention due to the arrest of its previous principal on corruption charges, Valentino faces the challenge of earning the trust of the community. He plans to meet with parents and students to get to know them and create a welcoming environment. Valentino envisions the school as a hub for sports and other activities, where students can come to study and socialize with their friends. Previously, he led schools in Busto Arsizio for four years and is now happy to be back in his hometown with his family. Valentino has already received a warm welcome from the mayor and prefect and is eager to begin working with his students, helping them pursue their passions and dreams.

Massimo Valentino, nuovo preside allo Zen di Palermo: «La scuola deve essere un luogo amico per tutti»

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