Massacre in Altavilla villa captured on live phone call

Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente were on the phone with someone while the massacre was taking place inside the villa in Altavilla Milicia. This revelation – if true and confirmed what Giovanni Barreca told lawyer Giancarlo Barracato during their meeting at the Pagliarelli prison yesterday – could open up new disturbing scenarios about the murders of Antonella Salamone and her sons Kevin and Emanuel, aged 16 and 5. These are, however, confused memories, flashes in that sort of mystical delirium in which the painter, accused of the three gruesome murders along with his seventeen-year-old daughter and the two “brothers of God,” has been plunged for a month now.

“There were some conversations that lasted a short time – said lawyer Barracato – by Massimo and Sabrina: in some cases they would answer, in others they would be the ones to make the calls and move away from Barreca.” The turning point could come from examining the call logs and cell phone records of all the suspects, which could reveal the contacts they had, who they spoke to, and what kind of relationship there actually was between them, in addition to their recorded locations on those fateful days. One hypothesis has always been that Fina and Carandente could be part of a much larger and more complex movement that, under the guise of an act of faith, would exploit the social and psychological fragility of people to reduce them to a kind of slavery.

A comprehensive report by Fabio Geraci in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands today.

Il massacro nella villetta di Altavilla in diretta telefonica

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