Marsala, fasting day for peace.

An event for peace (sit-in with signs) will be held tomorrow (April 28) in Marsala, in Piazza della Repubblica. It is organized by the “Rete dei numeri pari”, which includes the associations Libera, Amici del Terzo Mondo, Archè, and Finestre sul Mondo. The initiative is led by Salvatore Inguì, provincial representative of Libera.

“In front of the Church of Madre – explains Inguì – there will be a day of fasting for Peace. A non-violent sit-in. Everyone bring their banner, their flag, their signs, whatever they want. All representatives of different religious confessions are invited for those who want to combine fasting with prayer. All poets are invited for those who want to add words to fasting. All philosophers are invited for those who want to add their reflections to fasting. All wise men are invited for those who want to add a bit of silence to fasting. All those who have told me that it’s useless… However, doing something useless alone is sad, doing something useless in a group is much more beautiful”.

“The underlying idea behind this initiative – continues Inguì – is that we never feel like we are doing enough and we feel a great sense of powerlessness in the face of the sad events that take place in various parts of the world. Faced with the risk of falling into resignation, we have a duty to at least express our dissent. I was there, along with the committee of Marsala, when missiles were installed in Comiso in the 1980s: people were skeptical about the outcome of the mobilization, but then the missiles were actually removed. The goal we set ourselves today is to contribute to the construction of a world of peace, starting from our community. Unlike other times, this time we propose a day of fasting, in memory of Gandhi’s Satyagraha and nonviolence. If we are not willing to make a small sacrifice, such as a day of fasting, how can we expect to achieve great things?”

Marsala, sit in e giornata di digiuno per la pace

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