Market of Palermo: Focus on Ferrari and Defrel, Brescia interested in Soleri

The era of Dionisi has begun, and it’s already time for the first market evaluations. The new coach, along with De Sanctis, will soon meet with the club’s management and Bigon to define a strategy that will allow Palermo to make some changes to the squad before the July retreat. The coach may also consider some players from Sassuolo, a club he managed for two and a half seasons.

It’s still early to tell if a market axis will open between Palermo and Sassuolo, but some players could be appealing for both sides. Ferrari and Defrel, for example, are set to leave Sassuolo due to contract expiration. Ferrari has rejected renewal offers and is also liked by Venezia and Como, while Defrel may return to France. Both players, with their experience (32 years old each), could help in the promotion challenge.

Mulattieri, who didn’t perform well under Dionisi, may be a potential target for Palermo, having been close to joining in 2023. Caso from Frosinone, who was also considered by Palermo previously, could be another hot name in Serie B this summer. The club is also looking at Vandeputte (Catanzaro) and Esposito (Inter) as left wingers, as well as Borrelli, currently between Brescia and Frosinone. In defense, Cacace from Empoli is a target of interest.

In terms of departures, Soleri is being evaluated by Palermo, with Spezia also interested.

Il mercato del Palermo: riflettori accesi su Ferrari e Defrel, il Brescia bussa per Soleri

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