Marisa Leo murdered again, mural dedicated to her erased in Marsala.

The mural created by artist Fabio Ingrassia on one of the walls inside the arch of Porta Garibaldi in Marsala, depicting Marisa Leo, who was killed on September 6th by her ex-partner Angelo Reina, who later committed suicide, has been removed by unknown individuals. The artist announced this news on his Facebook profile, stating that his painting had become a symbol against violence and expressing his disappointment that it had been destroyed. The mural had been made using biodegradable adhesive materials. Upon hearing the news, the mayor of Marsala, Massimo Grillo, invited the artist to dedicate a work to Marisa Leo in a room at the Wine Museum in Palazzo Fici, which the administration plans to name after her in December.

Marisa Leo uccisa un’altra volta, cancellato a Marsala il murales dedicato a lei

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