Marineo hits a four-number win in the Lottery: 513,000 euro won

A lucky player in Marineo, Sicily won a total of €513,750 in the lottery with the combination 55-77-80-88. The second highest prize of the day, €475,000, was won in Eboli, Salerno, with three pairs and one triple on the same combination. In the Campania region, there were also two wins of €11,250 each in Arzano and Naples, both with a triple. In Mezzolombardo, Trento, there was a win of €124,750 with six pairs, four triples, and one quadruple, and another win of €12,000 with one quadruple. The total prizes distributed in the latest Lotto draw amounted to almost €5.8 million across Italy, totaling over €560 million in 2023.