Man punches mother, she calls emergency number: arrested in Catania

A 76-year-old woman in Catania was attacked by her 41-year-old son for trivial reasons, prompting her to call the police for help. The son was arrested for domestic abuse and assault. The woman reported that her son had been verbally aggressive towards her for six months, escalating to physical violence recently. The fight that led to the arrest started when the son left the front door open, causing a heated argument when the mother closed it. The son had clashed with the mother and uncle previously, even assaulting them after taking a large sum of money from the mother’s bank account. The mother refused medical treatment, while the uncle sought medical help. The son was placed in custody pending a court hearing, after the district attorney approved the arrest.

Prende a pugni la madre e lei chiama il numero d’emergenza: arrestato a Catania

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