Man found dead in Santa Flavia, autopsy ordered

An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death of 50-year-old Giuseppe Sparacino, found dead yesterday in Porticello, a fraction of the municipality of Santa Flavia, on Stenditore Street. The lifeless body was found in a small kiosk owned by the man, near the fish market.

The 118 health workers, who arrived on the scene, could only confirm his death. The prosecutor on duty has ordered the autopsy and the carabinieri are conducting investigations. The examination will be performed at the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Policlinico. The body of the fifty-year-old was discovered by his brother. The man was accustomed to spending the night on a cot in the kiosk used for selling fruits and vegetables. From a preliminary inspection, there are no signs of violence.

L’uomo trovato morto a Santa Flavia, disposta l’autopsia

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