Man critically injured after losing control of scooter in Palermo

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Car accident on Viale Regione Siciliana in Palermo, where a man lost control of his moped and was seriously injured. The victim, 51 years old, veered off the road due to a pothole on the asphalt, violently falling to the ground along with his son, who was riding with him.

According to the initial investigations, both were thrown from the saddle on a particularly rough section of the ring road, just before the Bonagia bridge. When the alarm was raised, the emergency services and municipal police investigators arrived at the scene. The man was hospitalized with a reserved prognosis at the Policlinico, as he suffered serious abdominal injuries and may require delicate surgery for spleen damage.

The son was taken to the emergency room at the same hospital, but his condition is not considered serious. At the scene of the accident, investigators conducted surveys to reconstruct the dynamics and establish liabilities based on the assessment of the road surface conditions.

Palermo, sbanda con lo scooter per una buca sull’asfalto di viale Regione: un uomo è in prognosi riservata

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