Man almost lynched for attempting to molest child at Palermo’s Zen: Video captures enraged mob.

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Mazze and batons, screams and ferocity: this is how the inhabitants of the Zen area chased a 60-year-old man who, yesterday, allegedly exposed his penis to a 5-year-old girl in Zen. The incident was noticed by some passersby who immediately intervened, leading to scenes of chaos in the streets of Agesia di Siracusa amidst the Gregotti buildings in Palermo, as seen in the video footage.

The man managed to take refuge in an apartment after nearly being lynched by the crowd, prompting a police intervention with officers and riot police to escort the man out of the apartment and bring him to the police station. During the clashes, an officer was injured and someone even vandalized a car. The daughter of the alleged offender also reportedly sided with the angry crowd.

Yesterday afternoon, investigators from the San Lorenzo police station and the mobile team began conducting initial investigations to reconstruct the events and verify the credibility of the reports received.

Folla inferocita allo Zen di Palermo, il video dell’uomo che ha rischiato il linciaggio per aver tentato di molestare una bimba

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